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Active Bodies & Minds

At Sunhill we believe in active bodies and minds. We provide a vast range of activities within the home, tailored to individual desires and group settings. Day trips out from the home are also organized and we invite our residents to participate in as many activities as they want. A stay in the Sunhill Nursing Home can be as eventful or relaxing as you require.

Sunhill Nursing Home employs a full time Activities Coordinator. Her role is to assess the specific desires and needs of residents and then tailor an individual activities program to them. We respect the fact that some Residents will want to partake in group activities whereas others may prefer not to. Our activities Coordinator will spend individual one on one time with a resident as needs.

In keeping with the concept of health promotion we encourage our residents to be active and involved and our aim is for everybody to partake in interesting and meaningful activities. Our qualified Activities Coordinator organises a wide range of social activities including:


  • Live music sessions
  • Irish dancing
  • Social evenings
  • Card/board games
  • Bingo
  • Quizzes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Poetry reading
  • Movie Afternoons
  • Gardening in raised flower beds in secure enclosed courtyards
  • In House Library
  • Visiting County Mobile Library

At Sunhill Nursing Home, we are happy to provide any service or activity that Residents enjoy and always welcome suggestions and ideas for new activities. We hold a large Bar-B-Q during July for residents and their families each year as well as a Christmas Party.

A broad range of programs is directed by the activities coordinator. The activities are posted on a calendar of events that is available to each resident .Examples of a few such activities are:

  • Monthly birthday parties to which all residents are invited. Families and friends may be invited to participate. Volunteers often help to bring residents to the party and join in the fun.
  • Celebrations of various holidays, both secular and religious. Holidays are particularly difficult times for those away from their own homes, families, and friends. Valentine's Day, St.Patrickís Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Memorial Day are a few examples.
  • Musical events can be enjoyed actively or passively depending on the abilities of the residents. Sunhill Nursing Home have sing-alongs every Wednesday in which the residents request their favorite songs and sing along with a leader. Again, the involvement of volunteers, families, and friends is crucial to the success of such a program. Sometimes concerts are given by Drogheda Brass Band, a church or school group or friend of the nursing home. Often at Sunhill the public is invited to attend, for this allows the residents to feel a part of their community as well as valued within their community.
  • Games which foster both one-to-one relationships and group activity. Bingo is a favorite for many, but cards and other games for smaller groups usually are available. Volunteers and families often are the ones to stimulate resident interest in a game and Sunhill welcomes ideas and involvement from families and friends. Outdoor activities include gardening, cookouts, or just enjoying time in the sun alone or with a friend. Family, friends and volunteers are welcomed.
  • Trips and tours to community events. Sunhill organises trips to special outings in the community where appropriate, and also has very close links with other Elderly focused community groups as well as local Day Centres.
  • Nursing home newsletter is something that we are working on and will hopefully get up and running in the near future.
  • Residentís Committee. Sunhill Nursing Home has a very active Residentís committee who meet regularly with the Home Management Team to discuss issues around the home which affect them. The residents choose the agenda and although we have active members any resident may attend if they wish.
  • Exercise fun and physical fitness. At Sunhill we provide a Personal Fitness Trainer twice per week who leads the group in gentle exercise and also fun exercise games. Our trainer is specifically qualified in the exercise with the Elderly.
  • Books. Sunhill has a library where Residents may borrow books or choose to sit in the Library and read. We welcome the donation of any suitable books from friends and families. We also have the County Louth Mobile Library who visits the Nursing Home once per month where Residents are encouraged to use talking books etc. Coffee Morning or cocktail hours. Policies vary from home to home, but social hours provide a time of resident interaction. It is a particularly nice time for volunteers, family, and friends to join the residents.
  • Arts and crafts programs are frequently offered by the activities coordinator and are led by Residents interest in the subject matter.
  • Religious services. Sunhill Nursing Home welcome all religious denominational groups to provide religious services in the home for those who wish to attend. Again, this often provides an opportunity for families and friends to join the resident in worship. The organization of such services is usually handled by the activities coordinator.
  • Reality orientation therapy is a technique used to rehabilitate residents who suffer from moderate or severe disorientation. These people may no longer know who they are, where they are, or what hour, day, or year it is. The technique can be carried out by anyone who comes into contact with the resident. The nursing home offering such a program involves the entire staff, families, and friends in the process. One or two staff members in the home may be responsible for the program. This is a relearning process, individually and through short group sessions, of basic information such as name, place, age, and day.
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